• The base metal of the bangle is brass. The brass is then coated with an antique gold and antique silver finish which gives the piece and oxidized look. As with most antique finished jewelry, it is not recommended that they get wet, as this may accelerate any tarnishing. Besides, a little tarnish gives some character!

    • This is a common recommendation with most jewelry. While we don’t expect you to never sweat, or to have special tiny raincoats made to cover your wrists, we do recommend avoiding getting your jewelry wet. We DO expect most of our fellow beer loving ladies to either be pouring or drinking beer on the regular, though. Small amounts of moisture should be fine, but we don’t recommend you jumping in the shower with your jewelry on. As with drinking, everything is okay in moderation ;)

    • We are both avid homebrewers and craft beer enthusiasts that also believe that yeast needs love, too. But remember, beer was around long before brewer’s yeast was (and dare I say not always necessary!) With that being said, Hop Heart is an ever-growing line of all things girly and craft. Along with many other items planned to launch in due time, a yeast element charm is on the way, too. Hop Heart is fully self-funded, so be patient with us and hang in there :)


    • Hop Heart is based in Northern California with recent expansion to New Jersey (yay!). Depending on where you are located, your package will ship from either California or New Jersey.

    • All orders are shipped USPS First Class and in the cutest packaging, ever.. duh!

    • Most orders will require 2-3 days to process and then 1-5 business days for shipment (depending on where you are in the country). For custom orders, please inquire about processing times.

    • Due to the nature of our business, we don’t currently offer returns on our products… but if you ever have any issues please contact us and we promise we will make it right!


    • Yes, we do! Gift wrapping can be added onto any order by checking on the gift wrap option in your shopping cart.


    • Absolutely-- we are already working with our first brewery and will be making that announcement soon, but part of our goal at Hop Heart is to grow our custom brewery bangle line to as many breweries that welcome us as possible.


    • We recommend you use a soft polishing cloth to maintain your brewelry’s appearance. Try to shower in your perfume before you put your brewelry on, as with most jewelry, the chemicals in those types of things can piss off the antique finish of your brewelry. We also recommend that you properly store them, which means don’t stack them on top of each other and try to store them semi-apart. This is a really good excuse to go and buy that super cute bangle bar display piece you saw at the mall the other day…..